Criminal Law

Police Station :

Your Rights – When arrested by the police and taken to a police station to be questioned you have the right to consult privately, free of charge with a solicitor of your choice prior to any interview taking place. This can either be over the telephone or in person. The interview plays a vital role in any Police / Crown Prosecution Service decision whether or not to prosecute or indeed whether further enquiries are needed prior to such a decision being made. It is vitally important that you obtain legal representation at this stage. What is said or indeed not said in police interview will effect the future conduct of your case.

How to contact us – When asked if you want a solicitor simply reply “YES, DAVISON FLYNN DUKE”. The police have a national database of legal firms who deal with criminal law and as you would expect we are on it.

What you can expect – The police will then notify us of your attendance and provide us with a brief outline as to the offence(s) / circumstances which have given rise to your arrest. We will be informed as to the likely time of interview (their is quite often a lengthy delay whilst the police obtain statements / CCTV etc). We are under a duty to arrive at the police station within 45 minutes of the police informing us that they are ready for interview so don’t be dissuaded from having a solicitor if the police say “we cant get hold of your solicitor” or “your solicitor will take hours to get here, you’ll be in and out if you don’t wait for them”, that simply isn’t correct and is a way of the police trying to deal with you without the benefit of legal advice. We will then obtain disclosure from the police and discuss this with you in private consultation prior to the interview taking place. Without a solicitor the first you may hear about the offence and the evidence against you will be in the interview itself.

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