Motoring Offences

Driving issues

From speeding to Causing Death by Dangerous Driving, we have advised on all types of motoring offences over the years and successfully defended many hundreds of clients who have been charged or summoned to attend court in connection with motoring offences.

Whether you fall to be disqualified under the “totting up provisions” (for accumulating 12 points or more) or whether you face disqualification for alcohol offences we can both advise and represent you in court.

Just because you will accumulate 12 points or more, it does not automatically follow that you will be disqualified nor, if you are over the legal alcohol limit, does it mean that you will be disqualified as you may be able to argue either exceptional hardship / special reasons. This is a very specialist area of law and if your licence is important to you then you will want to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and representation.

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