Spanish Properties

Spanish Properties

In 2005 both Mr Davison and Mrs Flynn paid deposits to purchase off plan properties in Spain, in particular near Murcia. Following the financial crash the company to which the deposits were paid went bankrupt and we were informed that the deposits were lost !

We were not prepared to accept this loss of our deposit and commenced proceedings in Spain for its recovery. After many years of litigation, providing statement’s, instructing Spanish lawyers and notary public`s and even attending court in Spain we were instrumental in the obtaining a recent Supreme Court ruling which has set a precedent for other similar cases. In essence, the Supreme Court has said that if a bank issued a general guarantee (as opposed to previous individual guarantees), this guarantee has to cover every property.

The time limitation in Spain is 15 years although older cases may also be successful.

If you have paid and lost your deposit on a Spanish Property Development within the last 15 years then we are confident that we can get it back for you. A lot of work is involved, a sworn statement will still need to be provided, proof of deposits, copy paperwork, bank details and a notary public will be required to counter sign the documents and of course proceedings may need to be issued. We have an extremely good relationship with Spanish lawyers who have acted on our behalf.
We are extremely confident of success, so much so that apart from disbursements, we will only charge you if you are successful and only then by way of a percentage of what you recover. If you are not successful, then disbursements apart, we will not charge you anything.

What have you got to lose?

Should you wish to discuss matters further then please contact us using the contact form provided and we will get back to you.

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