Unlawful Arrest and False Imprisonment

A claim for compensation relating to false imprisonment / wrongful arrest can be brought if you have been detained unlawfully by the police or other public body.

The police have powers of arrest which allow them to detain a person lawfully in certain situations but to do so they must have reasonable suspicion that an offence is / has been committed. If not then you may have a claim for unlawful arrest / false imprisonment.

It is not only the police that may have detained you, it could be the local authority, the court or a private security firm. It is very often the case that people are arrested on a court warrant that should have been withdrawn or a private security firm hold you following your court case until they receive confirmation from the prison that there are no outstanding cases against you. Once the court has ordered a person’s release (and if they are not to be legitimately detained in relation to another matter) then that person should be released immediately. If not, then a compensation claim for false imprisonment may be possible.

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