Without a Will:

• A surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit everything
• An unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement
• The family home may have to be sold
• Children may be unintentionally disinherited.

We can give you the peace of mind knowing that your Estate is taken care of when you pass away in the way that you intended it to be.

When someone dies there are a number of important tasks that need to be completed. If the person died leaving a valid Will, then the named Executors take on this responsibility. In the absence of a valid Will, the person is said to have died “Intestate” and the Intestacy Rules determine who can be appointed as the Administrators of the estate.

The role of Executor or Administrator can be an onerous one. The deceased’s estate may involve valuable or complex matters and an Executor or Administrator is personally liable for administering the estate correctly.

Every Executor or Administrator can instruct a Solicitor of their choice to assist them with the Estate Administration and the legal fees are settled by the deceased’s Estate. Please complete the contact form and e-mail us with your requirements.

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